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A website is a marketing tool that is used to reach customers. Hence, designing a website requires effective marketing tactics blended with digital marketing tools to up your game.

The post brings to light the strategic SEO decisions which should be taken before designing a website for a business. Every web design company in India should consider the below-mentioned factors while designing their website and branding their online business. Every business is unique in nature, and their website need to meet the targeted audience requirements.

Basic Concepts to be Considered

  • Adding Relevant Keywords Once you have created the marketing strategies, the next step is to think about your audience.
    • Will they be able to locate your business?
    • Will you be able to stay tall in front of them?

    If you have answered it as no, you must recreate the brand proposition by adding relevant keywords that pinpoint customer needs. If the keywords are highly competitive, search for variations like long or short-tail keywords that best describe your offering and add it to the website. Adding the relevant keywords into the website will surely enhance the website online visibility and help enhance the ranking on Search Engines like Google.

  • Experienced & Knowledgeable Professionals It is well-known that expertise and experiences work hand-in-hand and are among the most important variables that may enable a project to accomplish its objectives. By enlisting the services of a professional digital marketing firm in India, you will have access to digital marketing specialists that are skilled in their field and will give the greatest outcomes. Having certified digital marketing professionals from Google Analytics, Adobe specialists and SEMRush will sure help the website campaign promotions from all aspects. Consider the digital marketing company in India with certified professionals who can understand your business requirements deeply and take the responsibility to expand your business online presence and give ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Conduct a Research A business person must evaluate the market carefully before designing the website. For example, you need to think about
    • How much audience do you want to cater to? – You can learn about it with the help of Google Trends.
    • Is your audience interest shrinking or increasing? – You can learn about it with the help of Google Trends.
    • Their demographic, motivation, roles and needs – You can create a persona research test to get more information.
    • How does your customer behave online and offline? – You can create a persona research test to get more information.
    • What are their touch points? – You can use Content and Marketing Funnel to gauge it.
    • How can you contact them?

    These points will help you in building the website and help you to reach the goal. The best website design company in India conducts a research process before creating the website, and implement it for better performance.

  • Your Competitors Understanding your digital competitors will help you make informed decisions about site architecture, outreach, etc. Three main types of competitors can threaten your business:
    • Those who offer similar products and services: These are the businessman that offer similar products and services. They will insert the almost similar keywords if not the same.
    • Business competitors: These competitors look at solving the customer’s problem that you wish to solve.
    • Cross-industry competitors: Those competitors who solve the customer’s problems indirectly that you aim to solve.

    After generating the list of competitors, you can make strategies to improve your website performance. A professional website designing company in India, will analyse and understand the competitor’s business website, and include the key parameters while designing and developing your new business website.

Technical Ways to Improve Your Website Design

  • Improve the website quality by creating a responsive website Your website will be viewed by different people using different channels. Since your website will be viewed on different devices; the content should be available without any drift on different channels, irrespective of the screen size. The best web design services in India can help you create an optimized website that can be viewed both on PC and mobile devices.
  • Create effective website architecture A professional website design company in India will create effective website architecture for your business; so that Google crawlers can easily locate the content and rank it well. They will also consider the human point of view or the user experience(UX), which means the architecture and navigation would be such that the users can easily find out what they are looking at.
    The web design agency in India uses tools such as keyword and competitor research tools to make the website user-focused; because it is ultimately the user who is going to access it and it is the user/customer response/interest which will generate revenue for the business.
  • Create content rich website Before creating a website design, consider the content you want to publish. Mapping the content strategy in advance will help your site rank better, attract more customers, and improve its interface.
  • Use HTTPS technology HTTPS and HTTP is an encryption technology. The only difference between them is that HTTPS is a more secure technology as it uses SSL to encrypt requests and responses. On the other side, HTTP is less secure, and it does not improve the website ranking. Hence, swapping to the earlier one is more beneficial.
  • Machine readability factor The website uses various technologies like Java, Flash and Ajax that are challenging for the crawler to understand. Though these languages help enrich the user experience, they can cause problems too. They may hamper the site’s machine readability. To improve the site performance, the website design company in India usually conducts a thorough site audit and finds out problems that impact the ranking of the website.
  • Page speed Another neglected factor that can pose a danger to your website is poor page speed. It impacts your Google readability score too. Various factors on which page speed is dependent are
    • Web hosting
    • Flash
    • Plug-ins
    • Coding
    • Traffic volume, etc.

    The eCommerce website design company in India will determine such factors before creating the website. However, the score may differ depending on whether you use a desktop or mobile.

  • Graphics loaded website The aesthetically pleasing websites may seem the best choice, but they are not easy to optimize. The search engine crawlers will not be able to read the text within the images, so it is better to offer the visitor an HTML-based site. Such a site is easy to promote, and your visitors can easily find the products.
  • Select a domain name carefully Before venturing into a web development project, the website design company in India will recommend you to find out a domain name that either describes your business or its products and services. It will improve your rankings too.

Final Thoughts

The website has opened the door to vast opportunities. A single review and recommendation can become viral within a click; it’s about identifying the target audience and selling your products. However, as a business owner, you must design a website after carefully analyzing all the above-mentioned factors. As a professional website designing company in India, Orimark Technologies believes that website is a lynchpin that bridges the gap between user demands and solutions. So, making an effective website and keeping in mind these SEO factors are of utmost importance.

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